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It is extremely pleasurable to be able to depend and delegate a task to Caitlin and be fulfilled with the results in every way.  Caitlin is timely in responses, thorough with communications and explanations, organized, and successful with results.  I would recommend her to any and all fellow small business owners.

- Jane  

Attorney LoCascio-King is the best representation that I could have possibly hoped to have. She is intelligent, efficient and assertive, yet possesses a kindness and warmth not often found in her profession.  Her talent lies not only with law, but with people.  Her ability to communicate with her client each step of the way without making the process feel intimidating is unmatched.  She produces real results and there is no individual better to hire for legal counsel than Attorney LoCascio-King.

- Sarah

Caitlin has done collections work for our office for two years as well as our estate planning documents. She is accessible, hard working and incredibly diligent. 

- John

Ms. LoCascio-King assisted both myself and my parents with estate planning. She did a very thorough job and was very adept at working with older clients. 
- Charles

Caitlin was a fantastic resource for my property management business, especially when we were first getting off the ground. She helped us with all aspects of the filing process for our LLC and reviews/rewrites our lease contracts as necessary to keep up with everchanging Maine laws. She is available anytime I call with questions. I’m very confident should a dispute ever arise, my business' rights are protected thanks to Caitlin’s thorough and professional work. 
- Meghan

Caitlin put together all of our medical directives, wills, and other personal documents for us after we had our daughter. I've known Caitlin for many years; she is extremely conscientious, detail-oriented and cares deeply about her clients and their needs. I would absolutely recommend Caitlin to anyone in need of first-class high quality legal services. She is a credit to the Maine legal community.

- Stephen

Attorney LoCascio-King assisted me with a small claims matter, and I was quite impressed with her knowledge of the nuances of the law, ability to explain the pros and cons of certain tactical decisions, and timely responses to inquiries. I'm sure there isn't better representation for these types of civil matters and would recommend her legal services to anyone. 
- Amanda

Attorney LoCascio-King successfully represented us in a real estate dispute. She knows her stuff, covers every eventuality and dots every I. She was professional and competent in representing us. We highly recommend retaining her services in any legal matter. 
– Peter & Gladys

Caitlin created wills, powers of attorney, and advanced health care directives for myself and my wife after the birth of our daughter. It’s not an easy topic to think about, but Caitlin did a great job explaining all of our various options to us and helping to make sure all our needs and wishes were met. Should we have any legal needs in the future, we’ll definitely call Caitlin again. 
- Scott

Ms. LoCascio-King did elder law and long term care planning for my mother. We needed to get it taken care of quickly and she was wonderfully accommodating and got everything we needed done very quickly. I am now going to use her to collect on unpaid rents from former tenants. 
- Client

Caitlin handled my [case] and did a wonderful job. She took the mess my previous attorney made and had the matter resolved in my favor in a matter of weeks!
- Tonya

As someone who approached the [litigation] process, I was very nervous and uncomfortable. With no way of determining her expertise, I literally stumbled on Ms. LoCascio's name. She very quickly put me at ease and demonstrated her knowledge and ability in the field. . . I felt that Ms. LoCascio moved the [litigation] process along to the best of her ability, and I was very satisfied with the outcome.

- David