Collections & Business Law

Collections, Creditors' Rights & Small Claims

We represent numerous local businesses and individuals by providing a full range of secured and unsecured creditors' rights and collection services. We strive for maximum collection through diligent attention to each file and knowledge of the law and legal processes. We recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to collections services and our individualized approach to each client has allowed us to successfully represent a wide variety of Maine businesses, including plumbers, oil companies, medical offices, homeowner's associations, attorneys, cleaning companies, contractors, landscapers, landlords, tutors, daycares and retail and wholesale businesses. For individuals who are owed money, our services include everything from collection pursuant to a divorce decree to enforcement of a Worker's Compensation action to pursuit of an award of attorney's fees or damages in previous litigation.

We accept collections claims against individuals, estates and business located all across the State of Maine.

Our services in this area include:

  • Initial demand for payment;
  • Full representation in civil action suits;
  • Full representation in small claims matters;
  • Creditor representation in bankruptcy cases;
  • Probate court claim proceedings;
  • Post-judgment collection actions, including, but not limited to, representation at disclosure hearings, workouts, asset searches, property liens and turnovers.

Business Law

Contracts, Waivers & Releases

Contracts are at the heart of all commercial matters. Whenever a business agrees to provide any sort of service or goods in exchange for some form of payment, a contract has been formed. We work with clients to craft well-drafted written contracts that protect the parties involved with legal specificity. Waivers and releases are limited contracts in which one party voluntarily agrees to relinquish some known right, responsibility or privilege. We are familiar and experienced with Maine law in this area and its strict limitations and guidelines that must be reflected for a waiver or release to be legally enforceable.

Limited Liability Companies

We counsel in the start-up of limited liability company entities, from formation filings with the Department of the Secretary of State to the careful crafting of the LLC agreement, and then assist clients in the annual corporate renewals of same.

Our services in this area include:

  • Prepare and draft contracts;
  • Legal analysis and recommendations for existing contracts;
  • Negotiation of contracts;
  • Breach of contract and damages litigation;
  • Prepare and draft waivers and releases;
  • Legal analysis and recommendations for existing waivers and releases;
  • Formation of limited liability companies; and
  • Assist in annual corporate renewals.